Why teach finance to kids

Financial literacy is an important and critical life long skill.  There is no doubt that understanding the  value of finance at a young age is  invaluable. It will help kids develop critical thinking to make sound responsible personal financial decisions.  Currently most schools do not incorporate financial education as part of the curriculum.  Rising CEOs will provide the framework for kids to learn these important skills.


In addition, learning finance helps children develop their math skills and increases their confidence when it comes to managing everyday financial situations. Kids who have a basic understanding and interest in finance, stocks, money management, etc., will also be more likely to pursue careers in these fields, which can be truly rewarding on a lifelong basis.

Overall, our goal at Rising CEOs it to offer children a foundation in finance that can help not only fill the gap we see across many schools today, but also set them on a path towards a lifetime of personal, academic, and career success!