About the camp

What will your kids take away from Rising CEOs?

At Rising CEOs Finance Academy, our philosophy is simple:
We want kids to develop an understanding of and interest in Finance…while having fun!

We believe there are some basic financial tools and concepts that will help all kids succeed, in their personal, academic, and professional lives. These include:
⦁ Stock market basics
⦁ Interest rates and bonds
⦁ Banking system and taxes
⦁ Introduction to Real Estate
⦁ …and Retirement (because it’s never too early to start planning!)

Kids laptopRising CEOs helps kids learn and understand these financial principles, and reinforces them in a “game” format.

Each day, we will focus on one of these “topics of the day” – first with a brief didactic lesson, followed by group activities, games, and team discussions.

And the best part: your kids will have have fun while they are learning. They will be developing strategies with their fellow “portfolio managers”, thinking of interesting investment plans, and bonding with new friends. They will also be listening to motivating guest speakers and working on their own stock presentation.

Kids presentingA cornerstone of our camp is helping each child develop presentation skills

At Rising CEOs we strongly believe that developing financial acumen also includes developing presentation skills. Whether it’s presenting to an Investment Committee, or pitching to a CIO, every financial professional will encounter the need for some sharp presentation skills at some point.

So we want our kids to start early! And trust us, this will be part of the fun. Each Rising CEO will deliver a simple stock market presentation at the end of the week – these will include all the “cool” stocks, like Apple, Google, or Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks (Snapchat anyone?)

Kids cheerWe’ll end each week with a Rising CEOs promotion ceremony

Suits and ties are encouraged on Friday! Each Rising CEO will deliver his or her presentation, and our Board members (Mona and Sheila) will present them with an official Rising CEOs promotion award. We’ll also see how each team did with their “stock portfolios” that week. Oh and did we mention pizza and ice pops would be part of the promotion? All part of the perks of being a Rising CEO!